Scratchbuilding a 1/96 Saturn V
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Having been born in the 1950's, I was lucky enough to grow up watching NASA's incredible growth and accomplishments of the 1960's and 1970's. Luckily, the model makers kept us supplied with kits to quench our thirst for kits depicting our reach for the stars. Over the course of ten years, I probably constructed every "real hardware" kit that was produced. However, I had a particular love for the Saturn V and the oft forgotten workhorse, the Saturn 1b. I would like to have a dollar for each Saturn or Apollo model that I built between 1968 and 1975. I could then afford to pay for my hobby as it exists today.

After a 20 year sabbatical from building model kits, my friend, Barry Davidoff whetted my appetite once again by introducing me to resin "garage kits". It wasn't long after this reintroduction that I started seeking out my old loves, the Saturn V, Saturn 1b and Apollo spacecraft. I built the 25th anniversary 1/96 Saturn V once again. After its completion, I realized how inaccurate this model truly was and vowed that, one day, I would build a more accurate beast.

Enter RealSpace Models, New Ware Models and Rick Sternbach

Glenn Johnson of RealSpace Models has produced two wonderful resin kits to correct mistakes in the model kits for two scales of the Saturn V/1b. In 1/144 [Revell and Airfix] he has corrected the CM/SM/SLA pieces, bringing them to the correct shape and scale. In 1/96 [Revell-Germany and US], he has produced an accurate Block II CM/SM along with the missing boost protect cover. Glenn also carries 1/48 scale technical drawings of Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab and their launch vehicles, all of which were drawn by master modeler David Weeks. Perfect for the detail minded modeler. RealSpace Models is located in Florida.

Tomas Kladiva of New Ware has produced a 1/96 "upgrade" kit which supplies the missing detailing from the Revell-Germany Saturn V in both resin and photoetched brass. Tomas also has decal sheets available which provide for markings not included with the original kit and also corrects some of the sizes and fonts of the Revell provided decals. New Ware is located in the Czech Republic.

Rick Sternbach has designed the "Ultimate Saturn Decal Sheet" in various scales. However, it was Rick's "Saturn V Clinic" that pushed me over the edge to rebuild the Saturn V from (almost) scratch. I have followed Rick's Clinic to scratch build my Saturn. Rick is located in California.



For those who collect Astronaut Autographs, you will want to check out the epilogue page for photos of the Saturn V signed by many Apollo era astronauts!


I've broken these pages down into sections about building each segment. Please use the buttons at the top or bottom of each page to navigate the building process. I have started from the top of the Escape Tower and worked my way down to the F-1 engines of the first stage.  All photos can be enlarged by clicking on each one.

Tracy Kornfeld

July 2012 Latest News: I've started to construct a LUT for this monster. More news to follow as it happens. A LUT page has been added to the site.

 If you hear of my suicide on the news one night, you now know the real story. 

Different versions of the LUT and the crawler can be purchased from Dave Maier at
They are available in various scales and in both the Apollo and Shuttle configurations.
Be prepared to work, though.


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